Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beach Fun!

So a couple of weeks ago we took Kesli to the beach for her first time! It was still a little cold out so we didn't stay to long. We went again since it has gotten warmer, and she loved it! Clay built a little hole in the sand for her to sit in, and she looked soo cute!!

She is such a beach babe! She loves to be outside, if she is ever fussy all we have to do is take her on the deck and she is silent.
Kesli is starting to get soo big! She just turned 5 months old on the 7th of march! She is so fun now.

Just in the last little while Kesli has been trying to crawl, she goes backwards instead of forwards. She loves to roll and roll and roll! When we lay her on her back she like stresses out and tries to sit up by putting her legs and head up in the air (working her abs).


  1. I really like the photo of her toes in the sand and how it is reflected in the water. What a cutie! I'm glad you posted again. :)

  2. Too cute Shea!!! I love all the pictures.